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Series: Dirty Cowboy, #2

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Sunny Burke is the all-American life of the party. The golden boy everybody loves, a talented cowboy, and the man who warms my bed at night.

In rodeo circles, they call Kai Hunt ‘Frost’ because of his determination to win and his icy exterior. He’s never made it a secret he can’t stand his best friend’s girl. Aka, me.

Then the three of us got into a car and everything changed.

Because only two left it alive.

In the aftermath, I slink back home to my little country town to lick my wounds. Yet fate has other plans. When a job offer rolls in, the assignment is simple. Tour the US on the pro bull riding tour. Write down the riders’ secrets, and then share them with the world in a weekly gossip column.

But how can I go, when he’ll be there? The man who’s avoided me ever since the accident. He’s made it clear how he feels about me, and what happened that night.

What does it matter if his gaze sets my body on fire?

What does it matter if my heart screams that he’s it? He’s the one.

It doesn’t.

Not when there’s more than just the ghosts of that night keeping us apart.

Secrets, racial tensions, and heart-stopping action explode in this BWWM interracial romance. High angst and super sexy scenes make Ride Dirty, Cowboy an unmissable addition to Elle Thorpe’s Dirty Cowboy series.

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I watched them go. “Was it something I said?” I asked, feeling self-conscious suddenly. But then Kai was dragging me around to stand in the space made by his widespread legs. He tugged me forward until our bodies were pressed flush together. His icy blue eyes were a little glazed, and I realised he’d probably had more to drink than I’d thought.

“Not something you said,” he whispered, leaning in and running his nose up the side of my neck until he brushed my ear lobe. “I gave them the sign.”

I pulled back, studying the smug look on Kai’s handsome face. “What sign might that be, Kai Hunt?” My tone was playful, and I relaxed again, enjoying this different side to him.

One side of his mouth turned up and heat began to build low in my belly. Gosh he looked good when he smiled like that. How was it that teenage girls all over America didn’t have posters of him hanging over their beds? It was lucky for me that he so rarely smiled in public. Even as Frost, he was stunningly beautiful, with his all-American looks, and muscles sculpted by the physical training he did for his job. He was the complete package, all wrapped up in a body made for sin. But luckily for me, it was his smile that took him from, hey, he’s a good-looking dude. To, holy shit, my panties just disintegrated. And he seemed to save his smiles for those who knew him best.

And right now, I was lucky enough to be one of those people.

His free hand snaked around the small of my back, his fingertips brushing the top of my ass before his palm slid down to cup one cheek.

I raised one eyebrow. “Is that the sign?”

His half smile spread across his face. “No, the sign is an eyebrow wriggle and a “get the fuck out of here” head jerk. “


“Hey, you didn’t notice.”

He had a point there. “And what does the sign actually mean, apart from scram?”

He put his beer bottle down in the bed of the truck. “It means there’s a beautiful girl in my arms, and I want to be alone with her.”

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