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Saint View Strip, #3

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Kiss. Marry. Kill…

Kill? That’s easy. My family runs a murder for hire business. I can end a man in my sleep without so much as taking off my eye mask.

Marry? If my mother has her way, I’ll be walking down the aisle with her rival’s psychopath son. But Riddick is more likely to stab me during his vows than love and cherish me for a lifetime.

Kiss? My history with men says I’m better off with a vibrator. But then Augie Mitchell looks at me with his ocean blue eyes and I want to let him prove he’s as talented with his tongue as he claims to be.

Shame he’s my missing sister’s best friend and number one on my suspect list. I’d stick with battery operated orgasms, but the man gets under my skin and worse, worms his way into my heart.

Until a new target is given to me.

Augie Mitchell must die.

And I’m the one who has to kill him.

Killer Kiss is a male/female dark romantic suspense story set in the Saint View world. Each book in this series has a new couple and a happily ever after. It can be read as a standalone. It contains dark themes that may be triggering for some readers.

A Little Taste of Inside!


It was the middle of the lunchtime rush, and I glanced around the room, looking for a free booth to sit at. I loved this place, and some of my irritation with the world seeped away as the noise of the diner cocooned me.


Until my gaze came to a screeching halt on a dark-brown set of eyes staring at me from a booth in the back.


Hell. Fucking. No. This was my goddamn happy place. I had so few of them, she wasn’t taking this one. She could go eat burgers on the Providence side of the border. I was pretty sure she was too stuck-up for greasy fries and burgers anyway. Surely she was one of those assholes who preferred their food in tiny smears of puree across a plate with a smattering of something nobody could pronounce.


I stormed to the back of the restaurant. “Get out.”


She studied a menu like my demands meant nothing to her. “Good morning to you, too, Augie. Enjoy your fuck fest last night?”


I raised an eyebrow. Oh, we were going there, were we? I slid into the opposite side of the booth. “Question is, did you? Since you were the creepy little perv sitting outside my house watching—and listening—to the entire fucking thing!”


The couple at the table next to us glanced over us, but Ophelia and I both gave them a dirty look, and they quickly went back to staring at their menus.


Her gaze was full of fire when she turned it back in my direction. “Your girlfriend sounds like a D-rated porn star.” She didn’t even lower her voice when she started imitating Bec. “Oh, Daddy. Fuck me harder. You’re so big.” She stuck her tongue out and made gagging noises. “Did you pay her to say that just because you knew I was listening?”


I chuckled wryly. “She's not my girlfriend. And I don’t have to pay anyone to say good things about my dick, sweetheart. They always do, though.”


She narrowed her eyes at me again. “I told you. Don’t call me sweetheart.”


“Nah, I like that it pisses you off.” I really did. She was hot when she was mad. Her eyes came alive, and her voice went deeper and kind of growly.


It made me want to put her on her knees, feed her my cock, and pull her hair until she used that growly hum to make me come. 

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