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Dangerous Little Secrets (Saint View High, #2) is now available in Audiobook! 

Narrated by Kasi Hollowell and Michael Gallagher



Reverse harem

Murder mystery

Dark romantic suspense

Male/female, Male/male, Threesomes and Foursome sex scenes

Buy it direct from me and get it for less than half the price of an Audible credit! Click the llama below to go to my store!

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Also available at any of these retailers!



Less than twenty-four hours ago, I'd stood right here, wearing that dress, telling a boy I loved him.

Oh, how the mighty fell.

They betrayed me.

Three boys I thought I knew. Leaving me with the one I thought I hated most.

It was him who carried my broken, beaten body. Him who cleaned my wounds and held me tight.

The prince to my princess.


I won’t be that girl anymore. The one who fell for their smooth words and smoldering looks.


Colt is key to never being her again.


There’s still a killer on the loose. Still a murder left unsolved. Still three boys who own my heart.


But some dangerous little secrets are better left buried.


His is one of them.



Dangerous Little Secrets is the story of three bad boys and a girl who knows how to stand her ground. It is a mature high school/new adult, #whychoose romance, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This book contains enemies-to-lovers and bullying themes. It is the second book in an ongoing trilogy and cannot be read as a standalone. Book 1 is Devious Little Liars. 

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