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Saint View Reading Order (2).png

The best order is High, Prison, Psychos, Rebels. That’s pretty straightforward.

But the Saint View Strip M/F series crosses over with both Prison and Psychos before going it’s own way.

  • Evil Enemy runs roughly the same timeline as Locked up Liars.  I’d probably read it after Prison.

  • Book 2 in the Strip series, Unholy Sins runs the same timeline as Psychos though doesn’t cross over as much as Evil Enemy does. BUT…. Ophelia and Vincent/Scythe are back in book 2, 3, and 4 of Saint View Strip. So I think you’ll enjoy that more if you’ve read Psychos first.

You can definitely start with any series and go back later if u want. 

Each one is designed that you won’t be confused, as long as you start with book 1 in each trilogy.

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