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Saint View Rebels, #1

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"You may now kiss your bride."

They were the last words my mother heard before she collapsed on the church steps, poison ending her pitifully short life.

When her new husband dies minutes later, all eyes turn to me.

There are whispers. Accusations. The verdict is split.


I murdered them both. Or I'm the next to die.

To catch a killer, I move myself into my new stepbrother's house in the fancy town of Providence. With its million-dollar mansions and ocean views, it's a far cry from the seedy Saint View underbelly I grew up in.

But my new life delivers more than I ever could have bargained for and three men I never saw coming.

Fang, the biker gang enforcer everyone is terrified of. Everyone, but me. When he finds the bruises I've been hiding, he swears to stand by my side while I have my revenge on the men who hurt me.

Vaughn, my cocky new stepbrother. The way he looks at me is anything but brotherly. With half his dad's fortune left to me, we might both be searching for the murderer, but he's my prime suspect.

And Kian, my new roommate and Vaughn's enemy. The streetfighter is funny and sweet, but violence darkens his eyes when he hears about my past. Hiding secrets of his own, he joins the hunt.

With every lie we uncover, every secret we expose, the danger mounts.

Until there's only one thing we know for sure.

The killer is still out there.

And we're his next targets.

Rebel Revenge is an adult, #whychoose romance, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This book contains romantic suspense and dark themes that may trigger some readers. It is the first book in an ongoing trilogy.

Triggers - This list is extensive and the degree of severity for each trigger will vary from minor to major. Triggers may not relate to this book but to later books in the series.

Sexually explicit scenes, violent fight scenes, profanity, kidnapping, sexual assault, rape,drowning, slut shaming, fat shaming, homophobia, hostages, murder, needles, child endangerment, ideas of suicide. 

Here's a taste of what's inside!

Vaughn fumbled around my bed and picked up one my lacy bralettes. It was one I used to enjoy wearing at Psychos, whenever we held one of the sex parties and lingerie was my outfit of the day.

“What is this, little sis?” Vaughn groaned. “Fuck me.”

I snatched it from his fingers, balling it up and shoving it into a drawer. “Nothing for you to see, big brother. Also, for the record, you’re barely older than me, and we are not related, so stop calling me that.”

“Do you prefer Roach?”

I glared at him. 

Liam chuckled. “Okay, so I see you already have the brother-sister vibe down, even if you have only been related for two days. Rebel, if you’re sure you don’t want me to take him, I’ll get going.”

I eyed Vaughn warily, not at all sure that Liam was reading the vibe between us right, but Vaughn had his eyes closed and clearly wasn’t moving anytime soon. Even still, I wanted him to know I could protect myself if I had to. “Go. You have a family to get home to. I’m sorry for keeping you out late. I’ll be fine. I have a gun if my brother here decides to do anything remotely unbrotherly. Hear that, Vaughn?”

He didn’t open his eyes, but he did flip me the bird, so I assumed he had the message. Liam left, and I closed the door softly behind him, leaning back on it while I studied the big man in my bed.


He went to take another swallow from the bottle of bourbon, but I caught it before he could get his lips to it. “Nope. That’s about enough for you. Next thing you put in your mouth is going to be coffee.”

He cracked an eye open. “I’m on your bed, Roach. Next thing I put in my mouth could be your pussy if you play your cards right.”

I widened my eyes at him. “Did you seriously just say that to your sister.”

He waved his hand around dismissively. “Stepsister.”

“Oh, so when you want to lick my pussy, I’m you’re stepsister?”

“When I want to lick your pussy you’re my woman.”

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