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Saint View Rebels, #3

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The epic conclusion to Rebel, Fang, Kian, and Vaughn's story. This blurb contains spoilers for the first two books.

At the edge of a grave, one man lies dead.

Another flees, leaving behind a trail of destruction and heartbreak.

In the middle, I’m left with a sister I didn’t know I had and three men I’m falling hopelessly in love with.

But new threats endanger our happiness at every turn.

Secrets hide in corners and evil lurks in the darkness.

Caleb won’t stop until one of us is dead.

Until my rebel heart beats for the final time.

Or until I rip his out.

Rebel Heart is an adult, #whychoose romance, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This book contains romantic suspense and dark themes that may trigger some readers. It is the final book in a now complete trilogy. Start the series with Rebel Revenge and Rebel Obsession.


Triggers - This list is extensive and the degree of severity for each trigger will vary from minor to major. Triggers may not relate to this book but to later books in the series.

Sexually explicit scenes, violent fight scenes, profanity, kidnapping, sexual assault, rape,drowning, slut shaming, fat shaming, homophobia, hostages, murder, needles, child endangerment, ideas of suicide. 

Here's a taste of what's inside!

“Fang! Thank God. Get in here.”


I pushed open the door to find Rebel standing in front of the mirrors, bare-ass naked. In front of her, a bench held multiple pots with what seemed to be paint brushes sticking out of them.

Kian groaned beside me. “I don’t know what we’re doing in here, but I love that you’re naked already.”


She flashed him a smile that did things to my insides. She was so fucking beautiful, especially when she was as carefree and confident as she was right now.


I eyed the pots. “What’s going on?”


“I need an outfit for the party.”


Kian hadn’t stopped staring at her. “The one you’re wearing will do the trick, if you ask me.”

She winked at him but continued her explanation, “I was feeling myself when I decided on this costume, but now I’m having second thoughts.”


I had no idea what she was talking about. There wasn’t a stitch of clothing to be seen, in any color.


She pointed at the pots. “Body paint. I need you guys to paint me.”


My dick went hard in an instant, but I ignored it, because that wasn’t exactly uncommon in this place. I peered into the pots, picking up a brush and swirling the mixture around with it. One was black and one was white. “Why do these smell so good? They don’t smell like paint at all.”


She pushed her finger into the black pot and then lifted it back out. Black paint coated her finger before she popped it into her mouth, licking it clean. “Edible. They’re chocolate flavored. Not bad either.”


Fuck. My dick got the better of me, and I leaned down to kiss her mouth, tasting the chocolate paint still lingering on her tongue.


She was breathless when she pulled away. “Is that a yes to helping me? I can’t reach my back.”


Fuck her back. I was painting every damn part of her.


Then licking the entire thing off before I let her go out there.


I nudged the white paint toward Kian and picked up the black for myself. Watching her face, I circled the cold, wet paint around her nipple.


She raised an eyebrow. “Of course, that’s where you’d start.”


“You don’t like my choice?” I ducked my head, leaning toward her. “No problem. I’ll remove it.”

I put my mouth to her breast and followed the circle of body paint with my tongue. It was as sweet as she was.


She shivered beneath my touch. “On second thought, that seems like the perfect place to start.”


I shifted back, recoated the brush, then painted her other breast, this time covering the taut tip as well. I kept going, painting circles around her tits, then licking it off with my tongue.

I dropped to my knees and sucked her nipple deep into my mouth, flicking at it and sucking until she let out a gasp. 


I painted a line down her belly and over her bare mound, not stopping. She cried out when I painted right between her folds and over her sweet clit.


I couldn’t help myself. I immediately licked it off, flicking the little bud with my tongue to clean her off.


She moaned so loudly I painted her again and started over.


Kian moved behind her. He painted a line down her neck with thick white, chocolate-flavored paint, then removed it with open-mouthed kisses along her skin. She tilted her head to one side, giving him better access, but Kian was no more patient than I’d been. He ignored her offered neck and painted a line down her spine, the paint brush disappearing between her cheeks to coat her asshole.


“You want me to tongue fuck you there, Little Demon? While he tongue fucks your sweet, wet pussy?” Kian didn’t wait for her permission.


He mirrored my position, getting down on his knees, and grabbed her ass. He spread her there and buried his tongue.




Her cries were so hot. She rolled her hips, thrusting them first toward me, then back at Kian, like she couldn’t decide who to give the best access to. She needn’t have worried; I was so determined to get her off I would lick her in any position she wanted.


I slid two fingers up inside her, crooking them to find her G-spot, and knowing I’d hit it when her movements became frantic and her noises grew louder. She grabbed at my hair, holding me where she needed me most.


Her release came with a shout from her perfect lips. She flooded my hand with a new wave of arousal.


I just licked it right up, loving that she tasted even better than the chocolate.


After a few more slow licks, she pushed us both away, then reached for my jeans, undoing the button and drawing down the fly. She did the same to Kian, helping us drag down our jeans enough that she could get to our dicks.


On her knees, she painted our matching erections with her fingers and held us by our bases.

“Fuck, you look beautiful on your knees like that,” I whispered. I thrust my fingers into her hair and guided her mouth to my cock. “Suck.”


She opened her mouth and obeyed, tonguing the head and the length, taking me deep into her mouth to clean me off, before I pulled back and guided her to Kian. He took over, his fingers sliding down to her neck while she blew him.


I needed more. More of me inside her. I knelt behind her, reaching around to rub slow circles on her clit.


She licked Kian’s dick. She moaned around his length and spread her thighs for me, grinding against my dick that prodded her back. I was too tall to penetrate her like this, so I just worked on her clit and bringing her closer to orgasm.


Kian leaned back from her mouth, breathing hard, his chest rising and falling and his cock quivering with the effort of not coming.


I took my chance to pull her back to me, wrapping my arms around her and lowering her onto the mats at our feet. It wasn’t particularly comfortable or glamorous, but fuck if I cared. I just wanted her body. I wanted her heart.


I wanted to feel connected to my woman.


I fit myself behind her, spooning her so I alternated between squeezing her nipples and playing with her clit. She writhed in my arms, getting wetter and wetter when I fingered her.

I spread some of that arousal back to her sweet, tight little hole, and then pressed my dick to it.


Black spots appeared behind my eyes as I sank inside her. She took me there like I’d been made for her, and I fucked her slowly, grinding against her ass while she moaned my name.

Kian joined us on the floor, lifting her leg and drawing it over his hip. He kissed her mouth, smothering her moans, and creating new ones at the same time.


The pressure increased as he drove his dick inside her slit.


“I need to come,” I groaned.


Kian picked up the pace, thrusting inside her easier now that she was used to us. She kissed him hard, with her other hand reached backward for me, holding my ass and encouraging me to fuck her just as fast.


Kian and I thrust in unison, Rebel’s cries of pleasure the one and only goal.

We didn’t come until her entire body shook, and she clamped down on us both, throbbing and pulsing while she shouted. “Oh! Oh!”


I came hard, my vision blacking out entirely; all that was left was the sweet agony of coming inside her. My shouts mingled with hers and Kian’s, none of us trying to be quiet when there was no reason to be.


This hadn’t been what I was expecting. But this was what we’d come here for.


I rode it out, focusing on her, making sure she was still loving it as much as we were.

Her moans and trembles of ecstasy said she was.


When I pulled from her body, she rolled over onto her back, staring up at me.


“Hey you.” Her expression was nothing but blissed-out perfection. “Kiss me.”


She didn’t have to tell me twice. I kissed her mouth softly, whispering sweet words that reminded her how good she was, how proud I was, and how fucking sexy she looked pressed in between us.


She smiled at that last one, then looked over at the clock on the wall. “Shit. I have exactly three minutes to get out there.”


“You want us to paint you real quick?” It would be torture, but I’d maybe be able to do it now my dick had had its fill of her.


She shook her head. “Not sure this was the best idea.” She went to her locker and put on a lacy black pair of panties that barely covered anything. I was sure our cum would soak through in minutes, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, her cheeks were so pink, I wondered if she was thinking the same thing and liking it.


She was a firecracker, and damn, I loved her. I put my mouth to hers, and my fingers between her legs, feeling that yes, indeed, they were already wet. “Just how I want you. All night. If you need a top-up later, we can do this again on your break.”


“I’ll come find you. But first, I need a shirt.” She tugged at the hem of the one I was wearing.

It would be a million times too big, but I pulled it off in a second and drew it over her head. She put her arms through the designated holes and then gathered up all the extra fabric and tied it in a knot at the small of her back.


Kian made a choking sound as her dark nipples pressed against the fabric, which was definitely not thick enough to conceal them entirely. “You can’t go out there like that. Every man is going to want to fuck your brains out.”


Walking out, she blew him a kiss. “Welcome to party night at Psychos, Kian. That’s exactly what’s supposed to happen.”

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