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Only You, #3
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The boy who once made my life a living hell is now the only way to save my family from living on the streets.

I wish he’d just stayed wherever he’s been for the past four years. That is, blissfully out of my life and nowhere near our little country town.

But in my weakest moment, he arrived like some knight in shining armour. One I never wanted or asked for. I should have run him down with my wheelchair. But I didn’t. I got in his car. And now I have to see his beautiful damn face every damn day.

And that’s my worst nightmare. Because the things he once said can’t be unheard. The hell he put me through can’t be forgotten. The man he is now can’t be forgiven for the boy he once was.

And yet, I want him.

Set in a country town in rural Australia, Only the Negatives is a second chance, enemies to lovers romance, featuring a strong, disabled heroine and the man willing to do anything for another chance.

Here's a taste of what's inside!

“What time is it?” he mumbled against my lips.

“Time for sex?” I asked hopefully.

He laughed before reaching over me for his phone on the bedside table.

“Yeah, maybe not.” He turned the phone around to show me it was already seven am.

“Shit!” I sat up and fumbled around the bed, looking for the shirt I’d been wearing last night before Ryker had ripped it off me. I pulled my chair over and transferred into it before racing for the door.


In the doorway though I paused, remembering Ryker was still here. When I looked back he had one hand behind his head, the other dipped below the waist high sheets that gave me full view of his abs and arms. His hand moved up and down beneath the white sheet as he raised an eyebrow at me. My mouth dried and I had to fight every urge in my body to get straight back into bed with him.

“Tonight.” I said, firmly.

“You got it.”

With a groan, I left him to his morning wood, trying to erase the images from my head. But I knew I’d still have the image of him touching himself in my head tonight when I’d take him in my mouth and— yeah. Best to stop that train of thought right now.

When I made it up to the main house, a kitchen full of wolf whistles greeted me. “Is it still classed as a walk of shame when you’re in a wheelchair?” Reese shouted.

 I rolled my eyes at her. “Could you be any less PC?”

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