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Buck Cowboys, #3

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I’ve wanted to be a big city doctor my entire life. I studied hard. Got into Harvard. Then moved across the other side of the country, leaving my family’s small-town ranch and bull riding school behind.

I’ve hated every moment since.

My older sister’s wedding is the perfect excuse for an extended trip back home. Only problem is, my grandmother took over my old bedroom, there’s out-of-towners in the guest accommodation, and my twin hates my guts. Guess I won’t be bunking in with her.

The only empty bed on the entire ranch is in the cowboys’ cabins.

More specifically, it’s Preston Innes’ spare room.

The last time I saw him was when I turned up at his door to offer him my virginity. Only to find my twin beat me to his bed.


Even worse? He’s the only guy I’ve thought of for the past two years, and I’m probably hopelessly in love with him.

Too bad I’m his boss’ daughter and totally off limits.

Can't Bucking Wait is a standalone steamy romance in the Dirty Cowboy world. You do not need to have read any of the other books. It contains a complete happily ever after, and no cliffhangers.

Here's a taste of what's inside!


“How you doing there, kid?”

“Don’t stop.”

I could hear the smile in his voice. “Not a chance.”

His mouth went back to my clit, sucking and stroking my most sensitive of places. I squirmed beneath his touch, trying to get him to fill the void inside me that ached so bad for his fingers.

Or for his cock. I wanted him. Here, on a riverbank, where he’d forced away all my insecurities. It had to be here. “Have sex with me.”

He grinned at me. “Don’t need to have sex with you to make you come.”

I was set to argue, but then his mouth was back on my clit and he’d given me two fingers to grind on.

“Yesss,” I moaned, moving my hips, encouraging him to thrust his fingers inside me. I wanted it harder, faster. I needed to chase down the orgasm building just out of my reach. My hands lingered over his head, not trusting myself to touch him anymore because my body knew exactly what it wanted to do.

He pulled my legs over his shoulders, tilting my pelvis up to him like it was a meal. “Grab my head. Ride my face.”

My legs spasmed around his neck, my thighs squeezing. I was probably going to suffocate the man, but he spurred me on, pumping his fingers at the perfect rhythm, the perfect speed, each touch combined with his tongue so that I was sure he’d orchestrated the entire thing to blow my mind.

I grabbed his head.

The orgasm tried to take hold. The first sparks igniting inside me, starting deep in my core and spiraling outwards.

I rocked my hips with abandon, trying to find that edge where it would all explode. A scream built up inside me so quick I barely saw it coming, but Preston did. He clapped his free hand over my mouth and added a third finger to the others.

Bright spots of color went off behind my eyes. My brain shouted that I couldn’t take it, but my body had other ideas. I moaned and screamed and tried to say his name, all while he held me down, my mouth muffled by his hand, my body on fire from his touch. The orgasm came from deep inside, taking over my entire body, and in that moment, I realized all orgasms were not created equally.

This one had a power I hadn’t experienced yet. Arousal gushed around his fingers, and his groan of approval sent another clench of ecstasy through my core.

One by one, my muscles unlocked. My thighs that had held him captive let him go, though he didn’t seem to want to go anywhere. His head remained where it was, and he licked me slowly, riding out the last of my orgasm, until I couldn’t bare it a second longer and pushed his head away.

I lay spent on the riverbank, a whole new world awakened within me.

Lazily, I opened one eye and looked over at him. He lay out beside me, his towel disheveled from what we’d been doing, and now it hung off him, doing little to conceal his erection.

I reached for him.

He caught my hand before I could touch him. “Better not.”


“Because of that car that just drove past.”

“What? When?” I jerked up, scrambling for my towel to cover myself. I gazed around frantically but didn’t see anything.

Preston sat up with a laugh. “You didn’t hear it?”


He laughed harder. “I thought you would have realized when I put my hand over your mouth.”

“Did they see?”

He grinned. “They paused and then drove off way too fast, so make of that what you will.”

I hadn’t even heard a thing. I’d been so concentrated on the pleasure between my legs that my other senses had apparently blacked out.

I was mortified that someone might have seen me like that.

But Preston leaned in and kissed me, the leisurely strokes of his tongue and his warm lips taking away any embarrassment I might have felt.

But even still… “You didn’t think, ‘Oh, maybe I should stop?’”

His hand found the back of my head, fingers tangling in my hair. “You were so close to coming, I wouldn’t have stopped if they’d all gotten out and stood around rating my technique on score cards.”

I pulled away to look at his face. My heart lurched at how damn cute he was. He was a goofball, and his eyes were always full of mischief. My heart thumped unevenly, but I let the urge to laugh push it away. “They would have given you a straight set of nines, I reckon.”

I laughed at the way his mouth dropped open.


I stood, wrapping my towel around me and tucking it beneath my arms so I was finally covered. “Nines,” I confirmed.

He scrambled to his own feet and chased me back to the car. “I just went down on you in a public place and had you screaming so hard your juices ran down my hand, but I only get a nine?”

I shrugged nonchalantly. “I have nothing else to compare it to. There might be better.”

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