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Buck Cowboys, #2

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Summer Hunt was destined to be the first woman on the pro bull riding tour, until a devastating accident shattered her dreams. With the injury taking too long to heal, and her fiancé pushing to move to the city, there’s nothing left for her at the small-town bull riding school she runs with her father.

Dominic West has always secretly longed to know his biological parents. But when an attempt to meet his birth mother goes horribly wrong, getting the hell out of town is all that’s on his mind. With a job available at Hunts’ Bull Riding School, hiding out in the place he knows from his childhood is the perfect escape.

Until he comes face to face with the one person who has always owned his heart. The girl he grew up with, riding bulls in the dirt, is now a beautiful but broken shell of the woman he remembers. And she’s not happy to see him.

Summer’s planning to leave in just a few weeks, set to marry some jackass who doesn’t know one end of a bull from the other, unless Dom can prove her dreams are still in reach. And convince her to stay. For her career. For him.

Buck You! is a super sexy, friends-to-lovers romance sure to set your Kindle on fire. There is no cheating and a happily ever after. 

Here's a taste of what's inside!

I shooed Axel’s big tan ass up into the chute and then climbed it myself to help. We worked as an effortless team, not needing to talk in order to get the ropes on and get Summer on the bull’s back.

Like a good boy, he just stood still and let us get on with it. Summer took the rope from my hand, running hers over the resin that helped her glove stick.

But then she started fidgeting. Moving around, adjusting herself then shifting back to where she’d begun. She was overthinking it. Overcomplicating things instead of just letting muscle memory kick in and take control. I could see her brain whirring a mile a minute, and pretty soon, she’d psych herself out. She just needed to rip off the Band-Aid.

The bull lurched, and when Summer lifted her head to counteract his movements, her eyes were full of fear.

She needed to get out of her head. A distraction. Something that pulled her out of wherever she’d just gone.

“Right, so no going down on you all night when you have to ride the next day?”

Her head snapped up. “Huh?”

“You’re moving around on that bull like someone’s tongue was on your clit all night. Seriously, Summer, quit being so obvious. If we were at a rodeo, you’d have totally given us away.”

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