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Bookstagrammer Spotlight! Ally Always Reads!

Drama Llamas! I love all my bookstagram and blogger friends, and they do so much for this wonderful book community of ours, that I thought they deserved their own special feature. Every week I'll be featuring a blogger or bookstagrammer and showing them some of the love!

Without further adieu, lets get on with the interview! Today's spotlight is Allyson from Ally Always Reads!!! She's not only an awesome bookstagrammer, but she's one of my beta readers and on my instagram team! She also has wicked good taste in music! You can find her awesome account here on instagram

Please tell us your name and a bit about yourself!

Allyson. 26. Reader. Traveler. Aunt (to 6 nieces and 2 nephews). Work in Human Resources.

What made you decide to start a blog or Bookstagram account? What sorts of features does your blog regularly include?

I just love to read. And I’m a big cover buyer... I’ve been known to buy some books just based on the cover. I sometimes include reviews, I’ve done a giveaway or two. I really just take pictures and talk about what I’m reading and loving.

What was the last book you gave 5 stars to?

Levi’s Blue by M. Leighton. I actually didn’t write a review for this one. It was really emotional and I had been wanting to read this book for SO LONG. She had taken her books off retailers for a bit, I’m not really sure why but I ended up finding the book on a second hand site and devoured it. I have a soft spot for mute, blind, deaf characters in books. I’m not sure why but I absolutely adore them! I highly recommend this book.

Bookstagrammers! I want to see your favourite photo!

I don’t really have a favorite. I would say one of the pictures of Devney Perry’s books or LK Farlow’s or Beth Ehemann’s. I’m no hope I know. 😬🤷🏼‍♀️

What’s your favourite genre to read?

Romance. (My favorite trope is single parent).

Who is your favourite author and which book of theirs must everyone read?

Devney Perry. The Coppersmith Farmhouse. It’s her very first book and I fell in love Jess. He’s my main man... well, one of them.

What’s your all time favourite book, and how much do you hate me for making you pick just one? ;-)

I absolutely hate this question! My answer is always different. It really depends on the mood I’m in. One of the books that I’m always recommending is Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan. She absolutely slays me with every word.... I use the word slay in the best possible way. 😂

What’s the best part of blogging or Bookstagram?

The people. Every one in the book community is absolutely incredible. They’re fun, creative, supportive... they’re the best.

Series or standalones?

Series. Hands down, series. When I find a book I love, I always want more. I would be absolutely okay with an author continuing one series forever.

Ebooks or paperbacks?

Depends. I mostly read ebooks because I typically read at night and I hate artificial light. It messes with my eyes. But I LOVE paperbacks. I could sit and stare at my books all day.

Who’s your number 1 bookboyfriend and why? Don’t forget to tell us which book he’s from so we can fall in love too!

Typically I say Archer from Archer’s Voice but lately I’ve had Brody Murphy from Beth Ehemann’s Room for You on my mind. I’ve added a foreign edition and some bookish candles to my Beth collection so I’ve got Brody on the brain. 😍 If you love athletes and single parents, this book is for you! SO. GOOD.

Cinnamon roll Beta’s or Alpha assholes?

Oh man. This is tough. I love some sweet and cuddly but I tend to lean toward the alphas.

Where else can we find you? Pimp yourself and leave all your links here!

Just on Instagram: @Ally.Always.Reads You can always friend me on Goodreads:

Thanks so much for being here today Ally, and for all you do for us authors! Drama Llamas, go make sure you all go show her some love!

If you're a blogger or bookstagrammer and would like to be featured here on my website, you can fill out the interview questions here. The only rule is you must be a romance lover! We're all about the kissin' here at Drama Llama Romance!