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Blogger and Bookstagram Spotlight! Featuring Bookwhore Am I!

Drama Llamas! I love all my bookstagram and blogger friends, and they do so much for this wonderful book community of ours, that I thought they deserved their own special feature. Every week I'll be featuring a blogger or bookstagrammer and showing them some of the love! Without further adieu, lets get on with the interview! Today's spotlight is Brandie from Bookwhore Am I !!! You can find her on Facebook or Instagram

Please tell us your name and a bit about yourself!

Brandie Lueth- Mom of a 3 year old little girl- Wife of 19 years. Accountant by day, Writer by night and bookwhore at heart. My love is audiobooks but all mediums call to me. I love helping out amazing authors and getting visibility to amazing books.

What made you decide to start a blog or Bookstagram account? What sorts of features does your blog regularly include? (Eg: reviews only, promo, giveaways, special events?)

I started Bookstagramming as a way to bring visibility to the books i am raving about. They need read! I am happy to help spread the word. My bookstagram currently is mostly bookstagrams, reviews and recs. I LOVE recommending books! Tell me what you are craving and i will not stop until we have found one you will love. The other thing i love is talking books. I have been working with a sister blog "Audiobook Addiction" in creating an awesome group based around book discussions. We all read and then discuss with the author, narrators and each other. As my blog grows, I hope to include giveaways and special events as well.

What was the last book you gave 5 stars to? (Link us to the review if you have one!).

I read lots of 5 star books! My most recent one is F*cking Shattered by K.B. Andrews

Bookstagrammers! I want to see your favourite photo!

Oh Man! I don't know my favorite. I I am critical of my work and just try to do my best to make the most attractive promo possible. I feel like i am a work in progress. I hope that my photos are improving over time.

*Elle- I chose one for ya, Brandie! This is gorgeous!!!

What’s your favourite genre to read?

I love PNR! I also love Alpha CEO type, BDSM, Rockstar , MMA... ok, i love everything. The only thing i avoid is MC and Historical.

Who is your favourite author and which book of theirs must everyone read?

Noo!!! I can't pick one! I love Tijan! She has so many great series! Carter Reed is a fabulous Mafia Romance Series. I also love Jennifer Armentrout. You must start with Obsidian. Great NA PNR series! My all time favorite is Sylvia Day's Crossfire series.

*Elle- I second Obsidian and Jennifer L Armentrout! One of my faves!

What’s your all time favourite book, and how much do you hate me for making you pick just one? ;-)

lol, see prior answer. Wait, can i add Beautiful Disaster by Jaime McGuire?

What’s the best part of blogging or Bookstagram?

The interaction with amazing authors and narrators! I have encountered so many authors that i would shout from the rooftops about

Series or standalones?


Ebooks or paperbacks?

E-books unless the paperback is signed

Who’s your number 1 bookboyfriend and why? Don’t forget to tell us which book he’s from so we can fall in love too!

Gideon Cross- Sylvia Day's Crossfire series

Cinnamon roll Beta’s or Alpha assholes?

Alpha Assholes

Where else can we find you? Pimp yourself and leave all your links here!

Thanks so much for being here today Brandie and for all you do for us authors! Drama Llamas, go make sure you all go show Brandie some love!

If you're a blogger or bookstagrammer and would like to be featured here on my website, you can fill out the interview questions here. The only rule is you must be a romance lover! We're all about the kissin' here at Drama Llama Romance!