Only The Positive

Book 1 in the Only You, stand alone series.


I made a mistake that might have ruined someone’s life. I’ve moved to Sydney to avoid the glares and the questions from the people back home, but there’s one thing I can’t run from—the guilt and pain that follows me relentlessly. All I can do is dull it with alcohol and casual sex. But then my new boss, Mr Dark and Delicious, deserted me, mid kiss, with my skirt hiked up and my shirt discarded on the alley floor. I should hate him―him and the secrets he’s keeping. But I can’t stay away. Because the pain and guilt he’s hiding mirror my own.


All she wanted was one night. That, I could do. I’m the king of casual. Love them and leave them, before they leave me. With chemistry off the scale, we couldn’t even make it home, both of us too impatient, ripping each other’s clothes off in the alleyway outside the bar. Then my phone buzzed, and one text message stopped everything. I couldn’t think. Couldn’t breathe. All I could do was run. I’m toxic, but I can’t tell her why. I can’t bear the look of horror I know would cross her face. But I also don’t know how to keep something so life altering from the woman I’m falling for. Not when I need her just to survive it.


Only The Perfect

Book 2 in the Only You, standalone series. 


When I walked in on my girlfriend screwing another guy, I never would have thought I’d be sitting at their wedding less than six months later. But who am I to turn down a night of free food, booze and pretty bridesmaids?

But at the back of the room, at the rejects table, I’m captivated by the woman sitting next to me. She’s gorgeous and smart, and I can’t work out how she’s single. Until I realise she’s the groom’s ex. 

This single mother and I are about to turn this wedding into a night our cheating exes will never forget.

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Only the Truth 

Book 2.5 in the Only You, standalone series.

Doctor Damien Farrow is a douchebag. Sure, he’s sexy as sin with his armful of tattoos and Clark Kent vibes. But after a lifetime of douchebags, my celibacy vow is safe with him.

Which makes him the ideal fake date I need on my arm when I face my high school sweetheart—and the back-stabbing woman he dumped me for.

Seeing my sister again after all these years is going to be…interesting.

Only The Negatives

Book 3 in the Only You, standalone series.


The boy who once made my life a living hell is now the only way to save my family from living on the streets.


I wish he’d just stayed wherever he’s been for the past four years. That is, blissfully out of my life and nowhere near our little country town.

But in my weakest moment, he arrived like some knight in shining armour. One I never wanted or asked for. I should have run him down with my wheelchair. But I didn’t. I got in his car. And now I have to see his beautiful damn face every damn day. 

And that’s my worst nightmare. Because the things he once said can’t be unheard. The hell he put me through can’t be forgotten. The man he is now can’t be forgiven for the boy he once was. 

And yet, I want him.

Set in a country town in rural Australia, Only the Negatives is a second chance, enemies to lovers romance, featuring a strong, disabled heroine and the man willing to do anything for another chance.

Only the Beginning

Book Four in the Only You standalone series.

Bianca and  Riley

Are you still friends with benefits if you aren't really friends? 

For the past ten years, Riley and I have done nothing but f**k and fight. Long gone are the I love you's of our youth. Now all we are is arguments and burning attraction, that occasionally (okay, often) ends up with the two of us getting naked. But guess where that sort of behaviour lands you? 

With a sex tape gone viral and your snatch on display for the world to see. 

This is exactly why Riley Clarke and I will never work. 

She's the one who got away. The one who's owned my heart for ten long years. The one I can't keep my hands off when she's all fired up and cursing my name. 

But getting down and dirty on the beach was a bad idea.Especially when she's the darling of Australian TV and the paparazzi are good at hiding in the shadows. 

She wants nothing to do with me. But I love her. I always have. I know this thing between us is more than just physical. And that's exactly why Bianca James and I will work.

One day. Somehow. No matter how long I have to wait. 
Only the Beginning is an enemies-to-lovers, celebrity scandal romance, featuring a hot-as-heck single dad and a feisty heroine. 

Only the Lies

An Only You novella. 


Him: Six foot, four inches. Thor look-alike. Kickass black belt ninja man, and gym owner.

Me: Barely five foot. Resembles an overstuffed dumpling. Semi-decent receptionist of the office across the road.

Match made in heaven? I think so. Which is why I get to work early each morning, and stare longingly out the window, desperate for my daily glimpse of him.

The man doesn’t know I’m alive, and I don’t have the lady balls to do anything about it. Until the postman delivers the gym’s mail to my office. It’s the perfect excuse to strut over there and introduce myself, right?


When he mistakes me for someone else, I’m so blinded by his abs that I don’t correct him. And now he’s calling me someone else’s name, and I don’t know how to turn this around apart from to bolt back to my desk with my ass jiggling behind me.

I never expected he’d follow me.

Or anything that happened next.